Are you ready for a deeply satisfying life?

Are you willing to face and embrace yourself?

What will it take to live the life your soul is guiding you to?

If you are eager to travel your soul, you have come to the right place.

When the backdrop of life moves from effort and struggle to ease, joy and flow, the playful magic of life returns. Most of us were raised with beliefs that squelched the inner child without realizing that the child within is not only the key to our happiness but also our biggest tool to success. By making the heart of the inner child important again we can reignite our passion and discover that life wants to support us with our dreams. Integrating the child within brings back our presence, our self expression, our creativity. It helps us live fully in the moment and connect with the truth that we are all magical beings.

When we live from our being, or the inner child, not only do we find satisfaction in our daily activities, we also become a magnet for success. Healing the inner child is key to allowing the best of life’s blessings in. The universe wants what we want for ourselves and the main reason we do not live in bliss is that we have forgotten that who we are is who the universe wants to support us to be. Let me support you to reconnect with the magic of your being!

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When we fully embrace ourselves, including our shadows, we open the doorway to become the complete expression of our soul’s potential. A great teacher, Louix Dor Dempriey, once stated, “In order to have yourself you must face yourself.” As simple as this may seem it takes practice for most of us to unconditionally embrace and love every aspect of ourself and to seek out the underlying motivations that may make us uncomfortable to see. I create a safe place to unveil these beliefs ad behaviors that are creating the circumstances of life with or without our awareness. As we are safe enough to see, we can heal the wounds and beliefs of the past, and co-create with our soul a new reality.

Until we feel completely safe in our vulnerability there are shields and old layers of protection from childhood that block us from our full self expression. As we release the old patterns we reveal the truth of our divine light within and remember that we are powerful co-creators with all of life. From this place, everything imaginable is possible. It is my privilege to meet you where you are and help you unlock the doorways to your life’s greatest potential.

Every day I joyfully co-create with the divine

a life that I love

and I am here to help you do the same.


Dixie is a skilled and intuitive facilitator. She assisted me in coming to terms with abuse in my childhood, helping me understand my father on a deep and powerful level. I was able to access emotions stored from childhood and to process those. Doing this liberated me from feeling like a victim. It allowed me to accept myself and my life as perfect for me. I now embrace my life and opportunities. Thank you, Dixie Pond!!!

Katherine Christensen

Dixie is a very grounded and centered person. I have enjoyed working with her off and on for the last ten years. She is extremely skilled and listens to spirit. She is one of the best life coaches I have ever known.

Linda Stone

I have sought out Dixie many times over the last several years, and keep going back to her because she is so gifted and skilled at helping me through life’s challenges. Through relentless commitment to her own path of healing, Dixie has truly mastered her techniques and safely uses them with great compassion and insight in our sessions. With her warmth, humor and positive outlook, I have been able to get to the other side of huge obstacles and continually move forward. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking out true healing and support, she is amazing!

Cheryl Chandler


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