About Dixie


It is amazing to witness and experience the power of the human spirit! If you are committed to unabashedly face the patterns and beliefs that do not serve you and wholeheartedly use skills that will bring you back into the truth of your own light it will be my privilege to be your guide.

I have a passion for the art of helping people that has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. As a freshman in high school, after reading the book “One Child”, I knew my life’s work was to help unlock the doors to healing and the heart of the human spirit. Deeply moved by the impact a social worker had on a disturbed five year old girl who suffered severe abuse, my life’s work became clear to me. Little did I know at that time that by claiming my own life’s work I was also going back to claim my own inner child who had repressed memories of a similar trauma that I began to remember many years later. It is no surprise that what I came here to learn personally is also what I came here to teach.

In 1994 I received my Bachelors Degree in Family Life and Human Development, Psychology and Social work. My education and all I learned about human nature in my studies is foundational yet the deeper tools for transformational growth sprung out of my own profound healing journey.

In 2004 a traumatic encounter with my former husband caused me to experience my first flashback related to years of childhood memories I had repressed. There began my own inner journey to recover the splintered pieces of my broken heart. While it was a shock to uncover these memories, the perpetual failed relationships I had attracted with men began to make sense. I became keenly aware of how low I placed myself when it came to men and realized that until I healed my own self worth issues I would not ever attract the kind of relationship I aspired to experience. As I searched the best tools available to me and used every modality God placed on my path to help empower myself I began to shift my perspectives and circumstances. I learned that what we hold in our cellular memory drives everything we perceive and experience. So in order to transform my world I had to face my inner demons and introduce them to the light. With or without sever abuse on our paths we all have negative beliefs that we have the potential to heal. My goal is to liberate others as I have liberated myself to remember wholeness, and release anything that may block us from receiving ourselves as the light that we truly are.

In 2009 I began working with clients one on one and have helped empower hundreds of people to reclaim the power they have within to transform their lives. Five of the past twelve years I have facilitated large groups through experiential trainings using the power of support and group dynamics to turn road blocks into stepping stones. As I help people uncover their deepest fears, they are able to transform them, move to higher ground, and truly unlock the gateway to their soul’s potential. Ignorance is not bliss and the truth shall set you free!

Over the past thirteen years I have utilized the following tools in my journey to greater self love and personal empowerment: Traditional talking therapy; Experiential workshops; Reike; Self hypnosis; Kinesiology; Yoga; Meditation; Prana Yama Breathing; Mind Mastery methods (Silva); Theta Healing; Emotion Code Healing; Gestalt Therapy; Rapid Eye Therapy; Peer Processing; Bars; Sweat Lodges; Native American healing circles; Medical intuitive work, Rage work; Emotional Release Therapy; NLP; Vibrational Healing; Nutrition; numerous types of energy work and countless new skills to re-pattern my own experience in life. Over time I have transformed a life plagued with low self worth, fear and paralysis to a life full of love, joy, inner peace, and light.

While I am not likely to use all of the modalities listed above in my sessions, I use guidance and intuition with each client to discern exactly what is needed. My goal is to co-create a conscious game plan that has the power to transform your reality. With commitment, it is not only possible, it is inevitable. I know, because I am a product of my own inner-work.