Crystal Bowl Healing

Receive a sound healing through the magical alchemy of crystal bowls. Take a journey into the angelic realms by treating yourself to tones played specifically for you in a personal sound bath. Disease is simply disharmony in the body. Support your body and mind into a state of total relaxation and peace while Dixie works with your energy and the alchemy of the bowls to elevate your senses and quiet your mind.

Find the bowl(s) that resonate with your personal intentions to amplify your own vibration of light and to expand your work. Let Saryon and Dixie support you to find the alchemy set that is meant for you in your work as a teacher, practitioner, healer, and/or facilitator. Each bowl has a specific alchemy, tone and vibration with it’s own gift and message. The numerous crystal vibrations along with the different notes work with the chakra system in diverse ways to assist you and your clients in areas of your life you wish to expand. Let us help you intuitively find your bowl mates and your special alchemy bowl sets / or sacred alchemy sound healing sets.

These are the Activated Alchemy Bowls that are available on our Sweden Tour

They have recently been activated at the Bosnian Pyramids, Medjugorje, and some were activated in Hawaii and Australia as well.

10 inch Larimar Mother of Platinum Alchemy – G
9 inch Charcoal Mother of Platinum Alchemy – B
9 inch Mystic Hot Springs – C
9 inch Smokey Quartz – D
8 inch Larimar Rose – E

7 inch Abalone – F#

8 inch Ruby Opaque – G

8 inch Larimar Rose – G

7 inch Mother of Platinum – A

7 inch Grandmother Alchemy – A

6 inch Charcoal Alchemy – B

Kundalini Rising Set (with a $444 discount)

Includes: Smokey Quartz, Ruby Opaque, and Grandmother Alchemy

Earth Initiation Alchemy Set (with $444 discount)

Includes:  Abalone, Larimar Rose, and Charcoal Alchemy

Galactic Feminine Alignment Alchemy Set (with $444 discount)

Includes:  Charcoal Mother of Platinum, Larimar Rose, and Mother of Platinum

10 inch Ballistic Purple Carrying Case – $169